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Sunday, May 08, 2005

I'm finally back! (: I know... I have been gone for a really long time... You know, it was the end of the Winter Term, so I had lotsa of exams coming up and papers due :P *Okay Fine* That was just part of the reason... the more important reason was laziness 0_o *Hee* At least I'm honest right! The new Spring Term has just begun and I'm starting to get a little busy... Taking statistics class and calculus class... ): Actually, I am finding the classes fun and interesting... so I am rather satisified!

Now my buddy thinks that I'm being mummified... and then cremated and vaporized into the thin air?! *LoL* Okay, I will start to blog more often starting today! *Hee, I know that sounds really familiar, but... owell...* It's the Spring time and most of the Singaporeans have already gone back to Singapore. I wish I am back too, since the As was already long over and my friends are all so free now! -Sigh-

Well, I will just tell myself that by staying here, I am making a constructive progress towards my degree! *haha* Last night, a whole bunch of us went to watch "Kingdom of Heaven". It is an epic about the 12th Century Crusades... As it is not really my kind of movie so I would classify it as bad... but it is really good as an epic-scale historical drama. So it is worth watching! (:

Ohhh, one of my friend wrote this in her blog some time ago... it is hilarious and have-to-be-blogged! So I just cut and paste it here (Prepare yourself for a laughing fit!):

Remember when the one Michelle Teo (my friend's friend) put up Kristin Kreuk's pic on her Friendster account and got a message from the one Bruce-My-English-Is-So-Bad-It's-A-Mystery-What-I'm-Talking-About?

Bruce (some random weirdo) wrote:
I'm Bruce, a 26yrs old guy. (",)
Typical Pisces here.
What's ur horoscope?
U still schooling right ?
At where ?
At first I saw ur pic ? IS this pic u ?
I got a little shock, cos I thought u r a Ah Moh~
= P
Is it cos of the contact lens u wearing ?
I find u looks pleasant n nice, so give
myself a chance to drop u a msg. Mind ?
Hope we can be friends.
Hereby, not forgetting to wish u a HAPPY NEW YEAR~
Stay cool
Bruce. ^__*

Michelle wrote:
Hi! My real name is Lana Lang a 22 yr old gal..
my horoscope is sagitaurus
im still schooling
currently studying in SMALLVILLE HIGH
im not wearing contacts
im a MIXED BLOOD(dutch n chinese)
ohh i dun mind u dropping me a msg
but if u wanna be frenz wif me
i suggest u ask my bf mr superman first
i mean mr CLARK KENT
happy new year to u too
stay blur~
Lana Lang -.-"

Bruce wrote:
R u kidding ?
Does superman existence ???
Oh, if being a fri of urs is so difficult.
Then how can u face the world ?
Isn't anyone so selfish n not willing to let u
know others ? Jealous ?
What's the difference between can drop u a msg n
cannot be friends with u ???
U r a mixed, no wonder u looks so stunning. ^__*
Ha ha ha ...
Not to worrying, I'm not going to eat u up.

WTF? Michelle and I laughed our asses off. this dude's IQ is hereby given a score of 50. severely retarded.
And from Daphne Teo's blog (I don't know the girl, someone gave me her address...she's pretty damn hot too)

Weirdo writes to her:
hello... do u mind intro and being fren but 1st i
hope u dun mind my problem...

i found out my this illness when i was having
body check up when i was p6 then doc found out tt
i have problem with controlling my blood flow to
my penis and it cos me to get hard easily and
sometime without reason tt cos me to be easily
horny then now a days it got fr bad to worse...
so i'm very scare... so i hope to find someone
who will dun mind me and willing to care for
me... so do u mind me as fren? i really just want
to be fren nothing more than tt and i also hope
to have a fren to tok to abt my problem as i dun
dare to let any of my real fren know my
problem... really hope to see your reply soon...

Testimonials Daphne found on his Friendster Account from stupid Ah Lians:

" HeLlO ThErE! i HoPe ThAt YoUr PrObLem WiLl gEt BeTtER.. I Am GlAd tO Be Ur FreN.. ChEeR Up aNd DuN CaRe AbOut WhaT OtHeR PeOpLe ThInK..."

This ahlian's IQ is hereby given a score of 35. too retarded for words.

~tOoNnYyz~ 10:12 AM


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

As we know - life is full of ups and downs... I believe that personally, I have endured the worst moments in life... However, I know that no matter how bad the situation is, I will try my best not to become stressed out, falter or lose confidence.

When you are at school, on the streets... no matter where you are, you will notice smiles and grins hanging from people's faces. Behind those cheerful faces, more often than not, harbor the darkest and deepest sorrows/pains. I'm really happy for my best friend, Sabrina. She truly experienced what it mean by "blessing in disguise". When she learnt that her A Levels results were below her expectations, she was really sad and disappointed. She was able to bounce back quickly. Following that, she received her acceptance letter from the UK universities that she applied to! I am so happy for her and is looking forward to visiting her in UK in the future! (:

Therefore, I just want all of you to know that no matter how depressed you might be, never despair. Take comfort in knowing that things will get better and it will most likely be another case of "blessing in disguise". All your friends (including me) and family members will be there behind you all the way... (:

A few days ago, as I was walking home late at night, a mysterious "click, click" noise came from a tree planted beside the pavement. As I draw closer, I was amazed to see two chubby raccoons climbing up the tree! Their sharp claws produced the "click, click" noise on contact with the tree bark. Curious what they were up to, I stood rooted on the empty pavement sticking out like a sore thumb, staring at their every move. They stopped climbing and sent chilling cold gazes back at me... It's so cool... they have all kinds of things here in Michigan. I have seen skunks before, ducks in the middle of the pavement and squirrels aplenty! Other people have seen deers but I have not actually witnessed one yet. Now it's raccoon... maybe deers will be next.. (: By the way, if you can't differentiate between raccoon, badger and beaver... here's a picture of a raccoon. http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/1568/images/raccoon/Raccoon-standing_in_the_dark.jpg

I'm leaving for Toronto, Canada tomorrow (Thursday) at around 3pm... Yeaa.. I'm participating in this Floorball Tournament organized by the Canada Floorball Association with some friends from my university... I hope we will do well in this tournament... Well, but I do not have high expectations as we are amateurs. Unfortunately for us, we are being grouped in the division with the team from Montreal (the defending champions!). There would be floorball teams from other parts of the world like Republic of Georgia. They are flying in to compete! We will just do our best and have as much fun as possible! Wish us luck! (:

~tOoNnYyz~ 3:29 PM


Saturday, March 19, 2005

I don't dream... let me rephrase that. I don't get caught up in reveries at all and usually don't remember my dreams at night... According to Psychology, everyone dreams when they sleep, just that some people remember it while the others don't. However, in the past two nights, I remembered my dreams really clearly...

I was at this weird medieval castle museum with a friend ( I don't know who... lol) perusing the art pieces... (yah.. I didn't know that I possess an artistic temperament too.. *haha*). Somehow, it reminded me of the Louvre museum and the Da Vinci Code book... Anyway, the museum is famous for viewing moonset (yes, you know like sunset, just that it's moonset)... Time flies and by the time we realized it, we were almost late and rejected entry to the viewing platform. Fortunately for us, this cute pretty curator (well, actually I don't really know if she's cute, the people in my dream are usually faceless :P) was kind and let us in. All of a sudden, all of us faded into the darkness and only three of us were there. Our conversation was interrupted abruptly. A giant meteoroid loomed through the thick fog and illuminated the dark sky instantly. Yes, the meteoroid is the moon! Unlike the normal yellowish red incandescence by friction with the atmosphere, the moon streaked through the sky with a mysterious white glow. And it fell with a boom just a few yards in front of the castle museum. -The End- lol... haha.. if this really happens in reality, we would have a moon falling through the sky every night.

My second dream is soooo weird... I dreamt about my housemate, Emilia! It felt so real... I have two housemates, Emilia and Morry. I call them Neo (because Emilia's surname is Neo..*hee*) and Mama (because Morry is like the big sister... more motherly?! *lol*) respectively. Anyway, I talk to Neo less than Morry. I don't know why... I guess it might be because she's with her boyfriend, Nick, most of the time... They are both great housemates and I wish I am closer to Neo... Hmm.. anyway, the first time I dreamt about her was the night before she was leaving to go back to Singapore. It was totally absurd and bizarre.

I was crying when she was about to leave... and I told her that I should have talk to her more in the past few months... Hmmm.. you know.. it was like "she2 bu4 de" (the feeling you get when a close friend is leaving). Haha, and I dreamt about her again last night. It was another weird dream. *lol*

There are many studies that show that dreams actually mean something... I don't know what my dreams mean... but it might just be my subconscious working when I'm deep asleep. Well, I guess I have always wished to talk to my housemate, Neo, more, and my brain made them come true in my sleep. I talk to Morry aka Mama more cos she's mostly at home... But she is so engrossed in Taiwanese drama series... She signed up for this paid program on www.webs-tv.net! You get to watch "I guess, I guess, I guess guess guess" staring
"Wu Zhong Xian" and many other chinese show or english movies.

Anyway, the Floorball stick that I bought came! I am so happy!... I love it. It's called Blast Grapper. It's at http://www.blastfloorball.com/stick05?stick=968505. The blade is a shiny cool black and the whole stick is simply awesome. (: Just had floorball and I'm playing top center (center striker). Quite pleased with my performance just now. Thanks to my teammates, I managed to score around 5 or 6 goals... making me the topscorers. :P Well, but there's still a hugeee room for improvement. I wonder how we all will fare against the professionals next weekend (25th March - 27th March). Toronto, Canada here we come~! Wheee...

Anyway, there's this SEA (SouthEast Asia) Culture Night now. Basically, it's a showcase of performances by SEA students. And the good thing is, there's yummy food there too! I think I'm gonna head to the shower and to the event. Food... hehe... yum yum

~tOoNnYyz~ 5:48 PM


Monday, March 14, 2005

Wow, time really flies! My birthday has already passed, the A Levels results have been released, my exams are here. (Just had Psychology exam! It was alright, I hope I do well in it :) I’m so proud of you guys… all my batchmates! You all did RJ proud man! (: 55 percent 4As! Best in 24 years right! *lol* I wonder how I would do if I were to sit for A Levels! Using my current level of studiousness to judge, I would probably flunk my A Levels… hahaha. I started studying for my Psychology exam at around 11am when my exam is at 5.30pm! You get the idea! :P I just had my exam and now I still have one hour of lecture before class end! –Sian- The professor is talking about Stress Physiology… and according to the lecture notes: In a Primate Research, high and low status affects stress! High cortisol (bad) is associated with low social status; low social status is associated with fewer lymphocytes and immune suppression; dominant males benefit from predictability and controllability! (Man Power! *HA*) Crap, I seldom get carsick but since taking the bus just now, my head is still reeling! Worse still, my stomach is growling… so much for Man Power *lol* During the 10-minute-break, I went to the vending machine to get snacks. I had two 1 dollar bills and wanted to get a packet of bbq potato chips and a Kit Kat bar costing 90 cents each. At first, I was so glad that I had the 1 dollar bills because last time when I was starving, I realized I only had 5 dollar bills in my wallet. Yea, the dumb machines do not accept 5 dollar bills. Anyway, initially when I inserted the 1 dollar bill and press the button for the potato chips, the machine kept flashing “insert exact change”. After several tries, I finally got my potato chips. And when I inserted the second 1 dollar bill to get the Kit Kat bar, the ominous red “insert exact change” flashed again. Come on, dumbass machine, just keep the 10 cent change and give me my Kit Kat bar! This time, after innumerable tries, the machine just would not barge. In the end, I thought of an ingenious method which turned out to be extremely dumb *SigH* I inserted my second and last 1 dollar bill into another vending machine selling Coke, Pepsi and Sprite. I pressed the coin return knob thinking that I would get my 1 dollar in coins. After punching the coin return knob many times, I realized that my 1 dollar is stuck! I don’t want no drinks! Sigh, in the end, I had to put in an additional quarter (25 cents) and got a Vanilla Coke. No Kit Kat Bar! –UgH- Nevermind, I have decided to leave class earlier to get something to eat! *hehe*

This year, my birthday, was not as elaborate as the last… Nonetheless, I’m still really happy to have friends here to celebrate it for me! (: Last year, my friends here baked a chocolate cake for me! And I had a pair of berms and a pair of slippers from American Eagle. Oh, and my former class S14A sent me a birthday card! What happened this year! Hmph! No birthday card at all… hahaha… No home made cake too! Well, but my friends bought me a mouth-watering ice cream cake from the famous Stucchi’s Ice Cream Shop! Besides that, they gave me this Ah Beng looking Abercrombie & Fitch top which has a tiger sewn to the back!!

Hee… I think I will leave soon… got to keep my computer. Gonna get food! –yum yum-

~tOoNnYyz~ 11:31 PM


Saturday, March 05, 2005

I realized I haven't blogged in a while... I was too captivated in the book by Dan Brown - The Da Vinci Code. I'm sure a lot of you have already read the book (Ya.. I know I'm slow kay! :P)... Anyway, it is definitely one of the most awesome books in the world man! (: (and Harry Potter too)

The author is simply a genius! All the ideas, facts, fictions he fabricated/presented intertwined and complimented one another so well and so flawlessly! To all those who haven't read the book - YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING OUT MAN! GO READ IT NOW!

Watching movies (Hitch, Constantine, The Grudge), going to Borders (got two computer books), reading The Da Vinci Code, playing pool and shopping occupied these past few days. Bit torrent is the best man... hahaha... without it, I won't be able to download my movies so smoothly. Is Hitch out in Singapore yet? Yea, the one by Will Smith... Please, if it is out, go catch it man. One word - Fantastic! Okay, I shouldn't raise your expectation of the show too much by over praising it. Constantine - It was alright, I wouldn't say it is very good though... well but maybe partly it is due to the lousy quality of the download. The Grudge? I know this movie is a bit outdated... haha.. but yea, I think the show sucks. Not scary, damn boring.

Back to the The Da Vinci Code. I took down some of the interesting theories put forth by Dan Brown... but I'm not sure which theories are facts, which of those are fictions. Yep, my next book would be to read about the facts and fictions (If you haven't read the book, don't read the following!):

"Most of Disney's hidden messages dealt with religion, pagan myth and stories of the subjugated goddess. It was no mistake that Disney retold tales like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White - all of which dealt with the incarceration of the sacred feminine... Snow White - a princess who fell from grace wafter partaking of a poisoned apple - was a clear allusion to the downfall of Eve in the Garden of Eden. Or that Sleeping Beauty's Princess Aurora - code-named 'Rose' and hidden deep in the forest to protect her from the clutches of the evil witch - was the Grail story for children..."

"In the painting [The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci], Peter was leaning menacngly toward Mary Magdalene [YES, the one beside Jesus! If you look at the painting, the supposed disciple beside Jesus really looks like a woman] and slicing his blade-like hand across her neck..." Moreover, there's a hand wielding a dagger in the painting! If you count the arms, you will see that this hand belongs to no one at all! -Scary huh- Click Here to check
The Last Supper for yourselves!

"Faukman [Langdon's editor] was still shaking his head. 'But with all these books written about it [the Holy Grail], why isn't this theory more widely known?' 'These books can't posibly compete with centuries of established hisotry, especially when that hisotry is endorsed by the ultimate bestseller of all time.' [Langdon said] Faukman's eyes went wide. 'Don't tell me HARRY POTTER is actually about the Holy Grail.' 'I was referring to the Bible.'[Langdon exclaimed]" Haha, Mr. Faukman is damn funny... Harry Potter? -lol-

"(Summary) Constantine the Great [pagan Roman Emperor] decided to unify Rome under a single religion. He was a very good businessman. He could see that Christianity was on the rise, and he simply backed the winning horse. He selected and collated the gospels of his choice to form the first Bible. The vestiges of pagan religion in Christian symbology are undeniable. Egyptian sun disks became the halos of Catholic saints. Pictograms f Isis nursing her miraculously conceived son Horus became the blueprint for Jesus. The pre-Christian God Mithras - called the Son of God died, was buried in a rock tomb, and then resurrected in three days [Doesn't the dates sound familiar :P]... Most churchgoers attend services on Sunday morning with no idea that they are there on account of the pgan sun god's weekly tribute - Sunday.'

So cool right... well... if you have already read the book, you will know what I mean! (: Yea... floorball today!... I'm damnn happy!~ Floorball Rulez

~tOoNnYyz~ 10:20 PM


Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hahaha, this is damn funny! Here's an excerpt from Terence Wu, my ex RI classmate's blog:

oh wellz. in ard sec3 i made sent an aim for myself to achieve in JC (not studies, not 4As, terence nv had such aims) just as i tot going to fail liao, miracle happened towards the end of 2 years and i'm happy abt it. shrugz. perhapz, i really suck, took so long to achieve it. arghz.

and yea..i alwayz see ppl thanking other ppl in their blogs wadeva wadeva. but yar, there's a THING that i really wanna thank, for being with me in every exam, every homework, every depressing min of sch life. thats my Pilot SuperGrip (M) pens. wah, ever so quietly contributing to my life, nv gave me any problem, working up to the last drop of ink. haiz, have u wondered how many kilometres of letters u wrote? how many pens u exhausted. they're my gd brothers, maybe i should just keep them and not throw it away. they went through thick and thin with me k? i can't say tt with many ppl. i often take them for granted, only after the last As paper that i realised their importance. yea.. to all those pens that served me. a tribute to u all."


~tOoNnYyz~ 11:04 AM


Saturday, February 26, 2005

Watched Shakespeare's play - A Midsummer Night's Dream...

I wasn't planning on watching it. But at about 7.30pm last night, my housemate, Morry, received a call from Charles saying that he had two free tickets to watch the play at the magnificent newly renovated Hill Auditorium (Click Here). So thanks to Charles, I watched my first play at the Hill Auditorium. The exterior is decorated with huge pillars placed side by side, giving it a Athens touch... Anyway, the interior is really cool too. The Hall is huge and the dome shape projects the sound from the play really well...

The play was supposed to start at 8pm sharp... but Morry and I reached the place at about 8.05pm... When I opened the Hall door to enter, an usher pushed me out politely. He told me that there would be a late seating after 15minutes... Darn, I should have come earlier and not suffer 15 minutes standing outside the Hall. Anyway, while waiting to be seated, I looked at the ticket and realized it was not that cheap. US $36! I looked into the booklet handed to me by the usher and saw this:

"...The late seating break is determined by the artist and will generally occur during a suitable repertory break in the program (e.g., after the first entire piece, not after individual movements of classical works). There may be occasions where latecomers are not seated until intermission, as determined by the artist..."

Thank God, I don't have to wait till the intermission to be seated. Hmm, so the moral of the story is to get your ass there early and seat yourself... hahaha... Anyway, the play was good! And during the last part, one of the performers snatched a violin from a member of the orchestra, used it as a prop and left it on the floor. Later on, these two performers accidentally crushed the violin when one of them let go of the other person who was being carried. The audience let out a roar ... I believe they didn't mean to destroy the violin and it was accidental. *lol*

Anyway, the play is Here. Click on it and read more about it! Shakespeare is awesome!

~tOoNnYyz~ 11:42 AM


Monday, February 21, 2005

It’s 7.01pm now. Having my Abnormal Psychology lecture at Eastern Michigan University (EMU). The lecture is really long… from 5.30pm to 8pm! ): Actually, it’s not that bad… The Phd professor Karen Saules is teaching us about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), all kinds of anxiety disorder etc. We are taking a short 10-minute-break after learning about Hypochondriasis. The definition given for Hypochondriasis is

1) Physical complaints without a clear cause
2) Severe anxiety focused on the possibility of having a serious disease
3) Strong disease conviction
4) Medical reassurance does not seem to help

In short, someone with Hypochondriasis does not suffer from any disease or illness but keeps thinking that there is something wrong with him/her.

I was hoping that they have wireless internet access in the lecture hall, so that I can type my entry straight into my blog… Since no wireless is available, I will just be contented to type this in Microsoft Word and later transfer it into my blog (:

Wow… the lecture has resumed and it’s getting more and more complex! What the hell is Somatization Disorder and Conversion Disorder… we human are really complicated! Why do we have so many disorders… Another new term – Malingoring! This word is important man… haha… a person who malingors would deliberately fake an illness. (e.g. A person might fake an illness and go see a doctor to get MC so that (s)he can skip class or exam!)

I’m soooo hungry! Haven’t had dinner… Stupid vending machine! It would not accept my 5 dollar bill! I stubbornly thrust my 5 dollar bill several times into the damn machine but it simply ejects the bill out every time. Well, I know that there’s a label saying that only 1 dollar bills are accepted… but people lacking in sugar are often desperate and do crazy things :P

Body Dysmorphic Disorder! It’s a preoccupation with imagined defect(s) in appearance causing fixation or avoidance of mirrors. Ha… that’s a funny disorder! Hmmm.. I thought the next part of my psychology notes would say that it happens predominantly in females. But guess what, it affects both MALES and females equally!! And suicidal ideation and behavior are common! Woah… guys and girls… take it easy man! Don’t kill yourselves because of your appearances! Hold your suicidal thought and take a look at me! I guarantee that you will feel a lot better! *lol*

Okay… I think I better pay attention for the last 20 minutes. (:

*Stomach Growls*

Finally… I’m home! (: Gonna post my entry on the blogger… ohhh.. on my bus ride back, there was this girl and her grandma who got on the bus. They couldn’t find small change to pay the bus fares… and this guy offered to pay for them… Hmmm.. so nice right… I was thinking if this were to happen in Singapore, no one will give a damn…

The good thing about US is that the people here are not afraid to show concern and strangers would smile and greet you too… I hope Singapore would be like that too (:

~tOoNnYyz~ 9:10 PM


Just watched the tv show "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction"...It's creepy man!

One story was about this convenience store owner who came from Mexico to the United States to make a living. He planned and saved so that one day his family could join him in the United States. That day finally came as he counted the savings he accumulated in this little metal box that he hid below the cashier countertop. This old lady came into the shop and started talking to him about random stuff. She asked him if he knew that the previous owner of the shop was this mean and selfish old man. That old man was murdered by two robbers. Even though the security camera fixed behind the countertop captured the robbers' faces, they were never caught.

On this fateful day, the Mexican store owner decided to close his shop early so that he could go to the travel agency to make arrangements to bring his family over. Before he could close the shop, this old man with moustache confronted him with a shot gun and barked for the "metal box below the countertop". He was told to lie on the floor as the old man escaped. Minutes after that, when he thought it was safe to stand up, two robbers came in and asked for money! Never been robbed before, he was shocked how he was robbed twice in just a few minutes.

The weird parts were:
1) how the first robber, the old man, know that he put his savings in a "metal box below the countertop"
2) when the police reviewed the security camera, they could not find the recording on the first robber, the old man
3) the police found the metal box where he kept his savings below the countertop with his money safely.

Is this fact or fiction? (:

At this high school (equivalent to Singapore's Sec 3 to JC 2), there was this troublesome teenager who vandalized school properties and was literally a devil. He caused tremendous headache to the school principal who wanted to put a stop to all these. One day, the enraged principal brought in the teenager for questioning on the latest serious vandalism on widespread vandalism on school properties. No matter how hard the principal pushed him, he did not crack and would not take the blame for the vandalism. During this interrogation, the principal was interrupted by the school security guard that his car was vandalized. "Remember Pearl Harbor" was painted all over the car and even in his document folder as he later discovered.

The strange parts were:
1) The teenage boy was with the principal throughout the interrogation, so he could not be responsible for the vandalism on the principal's car
2) The same words "Remember Pearl Harbor" with the exact fonts were smeared all over the school's properties
3) Three days after the vandalism, the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese occurred

Is this fact or fiction?

Use your mouse and highlight the following line to find out the answer! (:
Both stories are TRUE! Aren't they creepy? *shivers* (:

~tOoNnYyz~ 2:00 AM


Sunday, February 20, 2005

When I woke up this morning, it was white everywhere.. yesh, it snowed again. I wish Saturdays last forever! It has become my favorite day of the week in my mundane school life. A few Singaporeans set up this floorball club here... It's an awesome game! More and more people (both Singaporeans and Americans) are joining in this weekly recreation game.

Oh, and some of us are going to compete in this Floorball Tournament organized by the Canadian Floorball Association or something.. I'm really looking forward to it! It will be held from 25th to 27th March at Toronto, Canada! I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a blast! (:

There would be professionals and first-timers competing in this competition... Well, as we are not that skilful, we might not advance very far into the competition (keep my fingers crossed). However, since we have nothing to lose, you bet we are going to go all out for it! We are starting to work on our teamwork every saturday. I am quite satisfied with the training this time round... I'm playing the role of "top" - It's like the center striker in soccer. I managed to score a three or four goals (which made me the top or second top scorer *yay*). Nevertheless, I'm still not contented as I know there's a lot a lot a lot more improvements to be made... *sigh* long way to go... I simply love floorball!

When I went to the Michigan Union to grab my dinner just now (yesh, the picture of Michigan Union is the one in my Blog Banner), it was showering sleets! Don't underestimate the tiny sleets, they actually hurt! :P Anyway, I had Lo Mein from this stall called "Magic Wok" and a nice milk chocolate cookie from the famous "Mrs. Fields" cookie stall.

Hmmm.. well.. nothing else much to say.. I'm so excited.. my best friend Sabrina Toh is back from her UK trip... gonna talk to her on msn.. (: bye...

~tOoNnYyz~ 10:17 PM


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Relationship IS a complicated thing... I have always known that, but I have come to realize it even more in these past few days...

My friend who is staying in a triple dorm room has a ABC (American Born Chinese - Taiwanese) and a ABI (American Born Indian) roommates... The ABI has a really active relationship with this ang moh guy never seen before. You will know what I mean by active... *lol* If you meet her, you will find her to be an awesome person. She is petite and friendly.

Once, a friend told me that she has an "evil" side that I have not seen before... well, I believe that everyone has a side of them that not many people have seen before. Even if you have been classmate with someone from primary school through JC, you might still not have seen all of that person.. yeaa...

Anyway. the ABI controls her boyfriend sooo much that it's frightening. It has become routine for her to talk to her boyfriend every night for very long hours until 4 or even 5am on the phone... You might be thinking that there is nothing wrong with talking on the phone every night right? To be more exact, they don't really talk, they would be quarreling and arguing. One night she would be crying in her closet; another night she would be initiating break up.

"I don't want you to see other girls... I don't want you to talk to other girls... I don't want you to think about other girls... You can only think about me..." she rebuked upon hearing a girl's voice in the background of the phone... Hmmm, well, the girl in the background might just be her boyfriend's roommate's friend right? I don't know.. haha..

And just recently, I heard from my friend that in the middle of the night, the ABI was talking to her boyfriend about how sexually frustrated she was... hahaha.. well.. go and infer what she said yourself :P

Anyway, since you guys (those of you back in Singapore) are so free now... you all should watch more good shows (I don't know if Singapore has all these shows, but you can always download from the internet!):


1. Mythbusters

This is an awesome show! It's a must see! As the name suggests, they carry out all sorts of scientific tests to bust or confirm famous myths. Test yourself with the myths below and check to see how many did you get right and wrong! (:

A) Will a penny drop from the top of Empire State Building
kill someone? (Remember the King Kong climbing the Empire State Building movie? Empire State Building is located in New York City, if you don't already know)
B) Will a regimen of soldiers marching in unison over a bridge (I can't remember what bridge) shake it in harmony of the swaying bridge cause it to collapse? (Harmonic Motion people :)
C) Will a duck's quack create an echo? It is said that a duck's quack does not produce an echo.
D) If a hammer hits the water and breaks the surface tension before you hit the water, you might survive.
E) The myth about "brown note". Brown note is a frequency emitted by sound waves that is widely believed to make people's muscles relax and cause people to poop in their pants. Is it true?
F) Can a kid be lifted by balloons as shown in movies? (E.g. There's a scene in one of Mr. Bean's movie)
G) They tested this myth from a cartoon strip where Donald Duck and his nephews (Hewey, Duwey and Louie) retrieved a sunken ship by pumping ping pong balls to fill the ship. Will this work?
H) Will aluminium foil, the black material used to coat stealth bomber planes etc when coated over cars help driver escape detection of police radar speed detectors?
I) Will a gun shot hole in a plane caused people to get suck out of the plane or endanger a plane?

Well, hahaha, there are really a lot more... but I think I will stop here. Anyway, The mythbusters really test the myths thoroughly, like they would hire the best acoustics people in the world to test the "brown note" myth, bring a real plane (that was scrapped) to test the gun shot hole, use high speed camera to record the experiments, use a real boat to test the ping pong ball myth etc...

A) No
B) No
C) Yes
D) No
E) No
F) Yes. But with a massive number (three thousand) balloons
G) Yes
H) No, unfortunately
I) No (Don't watch too much Sci Fi shows!)

2. Smallville

Well, I guess most of us know what it is about... It is about Clark Kent (Superman) in his teenage years slowly developing his powers (heat vision, x-ray vision, supersonic speed, superstrength). And there is, of course, the super pretty female lead --- Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk).

3. American Idol

Everyone knows what it is right! (:

4. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

I'm sure they have it in Singapore. Go watch it... I'm sure you can tell what the show is about from the show title. It is so cool how they zoom in on the details and carry out all those tests to solve the crime and catch the culprits.

5. Charmed

Story about the three Charmed Witches (Paige, Phoebe and Piper). Prue was in it before Paige. Demons and warlocks are the main focus of the drama.

6. Ripley's Believe It Or Not
7. Maximum Exposure
8. Beyond Believe: Fact or Fiction?

6, 7 and 8 are kind of similar. They show you some really bizarre and unbelievable stuff that people all over the world do. 6 and 7 shows similar stuff to those you would find in the Guinness Book of World Records. 8 shows many snippets of stories that are bizarre and sometimes even creepy... and at the end of the show, they would tell you if that story is fact or fiction.

~~[End of TV Guide]~~

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